Yogi Govt sanctions funds for Covid fight

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Yogi government is equipping hospitals with new machines in view of emergency.

Prayagraj, Gorakhpur Medical College and Lohia Institute released more than 4.16 crores.

40 BiPAP machines will be purchased for Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow for Rs 1.59 crore.

Gorakhpur Medical College gets 1.27 crores for multi-monitor monitor and oximeter.

Lucknow, 17 April: On the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, preparations are being made on a war footing in government hospitals, medical colleges and institutes to fight the war against coronavirus across the Uttar Pradesh.

All institutes are being equipped with new machines to treat Covid infection. Rs 4 crore, 16 lakh, 76 thousand have been sanctioned for resources to the Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences (RMLIMS), Lucknow, Motilal Nehru Medical College Prayagraj and BRD Medical College Gorakhpur Dedicated Covid Hospital.

The funds received from the Yogi government will strengthen medical infrastructure in RMLIMS Lucknow, Medical College Prayagraj and Gorakhpur. BiPAP machines, defibrillators, multipara monitors, table top pulse oximeters, ABG machines, ECG monitors, suction machines are more needed for better treatment of Covid infective individuals. These machines will be purchased from the budget provided by the government.

A spokesperson of the state government said that an amount of one crore 59 lakh four thousand has been released to RMLIMS, Lucknow for proper treatment of Covid patients. This will ensure additional availability of 40 BiPAP machines.

Similarly, one crore 30 lakh 29 thousand rupees has been released to Motilal Nehru Medical College Prayagraj. Out of this, 77 lakh 28 thousand to 100 para monitors, 14 lakh 56 thousand to two ABG machines, four lakh 73 thousand rupees five ECG monitors, 25 lakh 76 thousand to two defibrillators and seven lakh 96 thousand to nine suction machines will be purchased.

The spokesperson further informed that the 500-bed Pediatric Institute of BRD Medical College was transformed into a 300-bed dedicated Covid Hospital on the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in the very first phase of the Corona pandemic for the treatment of Corona patients in Gorakhpur.

However, for the dedicated Covid Hospital of BRD Medical College, the Yogi government has released more than Rs 1.27 crore, out of which Rs 77 lakh 50 thousand to 50 multipara monitor (high end) and 49 lakh 92 thousand 500 to 50 table top. Pulse oximeter will be purchased.

A new device will sound an alarm as the pulse rate drops

Multipara Patient Monitor (High End) is very effective in treating serious patients for corona infected. This is a device in which BP, ECG, etc. will be monitored continuously; the alarm will ring as soon as the patient’s pulse rate falls or there is difficulty in breathing. With this, the nurse and doctor will get information immediately and other arrangements will be made in the treatment of the patient as desired.

Regular monitoring of oxygen levels is indispensable in the treatment of Covid patients. With the availability of 50 multipara monitors and 50 table top pulse oximeters at the dedicated Kovid Hospital of the Medical College, additional treatment will be available here.