LMC collects Rs 12250 as fine from mask violators

Lucknow, 19 April: A team of Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) constituted in each of the wards have slapped fines against 99 people who were roaming sans masks at various public places of the city.

During this time a fine of Rs 12250 was charged from these people and people were asked to wear masks when outside, follow social distance and wash hands frequently.

Five people were ill among 45 people

The district administration has constituted the Mohalla Monitoring Committee to supervise persons coming from other city.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the committee was apprised to immediately inform the ward monitoring committee about the people coming from outside in the event of symptoms of cold and influenza like cold, cough, fever.

However, total ward monitoring committees in the entire municipal corporation inspected a all of 50 persons, out of which 45 people were found to be healthy and five persons were found to have mild symptoms such as cold, cough, fever.

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