Relief: Pharma companies cut Remdesivir prices by 60% after Centre intervention

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New Delhi, 17 April: After the intervention of the Central government, the pharma companies making antiviral drug Remdesivir injections have announced to slash the prices of this drug. This reduction in prices is up to 60 percent.

In the market, the price of Remdesivir injection, now considered to be an effective in the treatment of coronavirus infection, will be reduced.

According to the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority, Cadila Health Care has reduced the price of Remdesivir from Rs 2,800 per injection to Rs 899.

Similarly, Synergy International Limited’s price of Remdesivir injection has been reduced from Rs 3950 per injection to Rs 2,450. Dr. Reddy Lab’s Radix has been reduced from Rs 5,400 to Rs 2700.

At the same time, the Cipremi of Cipla has been reduced from Rs 4000 to Rs 3000. The price of Mylene Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd’s Deserem has been reduced from Rs 4,800 per injection to Rs 3,400 per injection.

Similarly, The price of Covifor of Hetero has been reduced from Rs 5,400 to Rs 3,490 per injection and the price of Jubilant Generics Limited Jubi-R has been reduced from Rs 4,700 to Rs 3,400.