Yogi Govt forms SIT to probe conversion charges against IAS

Kanpur, 28 September: In the alleged video going viral, IAS Iftikharuddin is teaching Islam at his residence along with religious leaders. To what extent it is true, it will be known only from the investigation report of the Special Investigative Team (SIT).

But various discussions have intensified regarding the then Divisional Commissioner of Kanpur, Iftikharuddin. Along with this, two women came in front of the media on Tuesday and alleged that there was pressure to convert while reaching their office with a complaint. The lure was given that you will get your land if you convert.

Significantly, a video of Senior IAS Iftikharuddin, who was posted as Divisional Commissioner in the SP government in Kanpur, went viral on Monday. It is being claimed in the video that the Divisional Commissioner is holding a meeting with the religious leaders at his official residence and is himself teaching the lesson of Islam. During this, some speakers are also praising Islam and counting the flaws of other religions.

Not only in Kanpur, the people of the country are unhappy with this feat of Iftikharuddin while holding the position of the country’s most prestigious job. Although the truth of the viral video is yet to come, but due to the seriousness of the matter, the government has constituted an SIT and sought an investigation report within seven days.

If the viral video is to be believed to be true, then according to people Iftikharuddin has ignored the rules. Such religious meeting should not be held at the official residence and whatever the Divisional Commissioner is saying to promote Islam is completely wrong.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, two women from Kalyanpur alleged that when she went to her office with a complaint, some people from her office pressured her to convert. Along with this, the lure was given that if you accept Islam, then your land will be settled. The women allege that when the matter of conversion was rejected, there was no hearing from the divisional commissioner.

Robby Sharma of Kalyanpur alleged that in the DPR of Metro during his stay as Divisional Commissioner in Kanpur, Mohd. Iftikharuddin wrongly got people’s land included. When the victims came to meet them, they were driven away.

Later, some people of the then commissioner came to the spot and told by giving a book written by Iftikharuddin and lured them to get back the land by converting to Islam.

It is being told that he was so serious about the religion of Islam that when he used to fast during Ramadan, he did not even allow the employees to eat anything throughout the day. In such a situation, the employees also had to go hungry under compulsion.

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