‘We should be prepared for the third wave of coronavirus infection’: Principal Scientific Adviser

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New Delhi, 05 May: The Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) to the Central Government K Vijay Raghavan claimed that due to the increase in the type of virus and the number of patients worldwide, the possibility of a third wave of the global pandemic is being seen. It cannot be said when the third wave of Corona will arrive in the country but we should all be ready for the third wave.

In a press conference on Wednesday, K Vijay Raghavan said that more than three lakh mutants (types) of coronavirus have been found worldwide. The virus increases its number when it travels from one body to another. During this time, there are some changes in its appearance. Only a few of these mutations are effective, including the UK variant, the Brazilian variant, and the South African variant, but to say that the new variant is more contagious than the old variant is not correct.

The first variant is as contagious as the new variant is contagious. He said that scientists of the country and the world are keeping an eye on the changes coming in the virus and are also making necessary plans to deal with it. But people should also be ready for this.