Varanasi: Construction of huge German hanger pandal underway for Modi’s rally

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Varanasi, October 18: Administrative preparations have gained momentum for the proposed visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his constituency Varanasi on October 25. A huge German hanger pandal has started being built in Mehndiganj for the public meeting.

Along with moistening the land of the fields at the public meeting place, it is being made level.

Goods are being transported by trucks for making pandals and barricading. Dozens of laborers are engaged in the work of making pandals at the meeting place. A 550 feet wide and 850 feet long German Hangar Pandal is being built at the public meeting site being built in about 40 bighas. Ring road maker NHAI and Gr. Infra Projects Company officials are monitoring the preparations.

Rajatalab SDM, CO Baragaon and police officers reached the public meeting place and insisted on making the security system tight.

On the question and tweet of Congress leader and former MLA Ajay Rai about the paddy crops harvested from 40 bighas of field on the banks of Ring Road in Mehndiganj for the Prime Minister’s public meeting, District Magistrate (DM) Kaushal Raj Sharma replied that the farmers agreed for the Prime Minister’s public meeting. The land was taken from for this the farmer was also given compensation.

The DM said that Rs 1940 per farmer has been given compensation on the basis of MSP and productivity.

The DM issued a statement and said that about 07 lakh crop value checks are being given. The crop was also harvested and given to them. It was calculated yesterday and today NHAI is giving checks to them. A total of 30 gatas have been taken. Whose area is 8.745 hectares of the landholder? On Monday, NHAI called Chandrashekhar, Murarilal, Laldhari, Shivdhari, Kanta, Rajesh, Mithlesh, Vibhuti Narayan, Avadhanarayan, Babulal, Dinesh and other farmers in the presence of Shakeel Ahmed, husband of SDM Rajatalab and woman village head, to check the compensation amount for crop damage.

The Revenue Department has assessed the loss of ten quintals of paddy in one bigha. A rate of Rs 1940 was imposed per quintal.

District administration strict on those spreading rumours about land

District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma has taken seriously the rumor being spread about the land and crops for the public meeting of the Prime Minister.

He said that preparations are on to take legal action. He also told the reason for choosing Mehndiganj public meeting place.

He told that here one or two farmers had harvested their crops and most of the farmers’ crops were ripe. In such a situation, we have bought crops at MSP rate from those whose crops were not harvested and ripe, and from those whose crops were not ripe, a total of 108 farmers’ crops were purchased at MSP rate. The meeting place is being built on a total of 11 hectares of land.