Uttar Pradesh will get rid of power cut woes by 2022, claims Shrikant Sharma

Lucknow, August 10: If the Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma is to be believed, then by 2022, the problem of power cut will be solved in Uttar Pradesh. Not only will this, by 2022, 34500 MW of electricity also be available.

In the year 2016-17, the total power import capacity in the state was 7800 MW. Now it increased from 6800 MW to 14600 MW. Due to this, now the eyes of electricity are being seen very less in the villages too. Farmers have also started getting water on time. This has also greatly facilitated agricultural production.

In this regard, Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma in the state government said that by the year 2022, the power generation in the state will increase to 12,734 MW by 7260 MW. There will be a record 34,500 MW power availability based on the current PPAs.

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