PM Modi says that migrant workers can get gas connection through “self-declaration” as address proof

Mahoba, August 10: The number of lives that the Ujjwala scheme has illuminated is unprecedented. The scheme was started in 2016 from the land of Mangal Pandey, the pioneer of the freedom struggle from Ballia in Uttar Pradesh. The second phase is also starting from the Mahoba of Bundelkhand, which is called the energy site of freedom. Be it Mahoba, Bundelkhand, it has been a kind of energy site for the country’s independence, said PM Narendra Modi while launching the second phase of Ujjwala Yojna through virtual medium from Mahoba district of Uttar Pradesh.

Modi said that every particle here contains heroic saga like Rani Laxmibai, Rani Durgavati and Maharaja Chhatrasal. Today, when the country is celebrating the nectar festival of its independence, this event has also brought an opportunity to remember these great personalities. Today I am remembering the great children of the land of Bundelkhand.

Modi pointed out that Major Dhyanchand our Dadda Dhyanchand in whose name the country’s highest sports award is now Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award. I am sure that Dadda’s name will inspire crores of sports lovers for the phenomenal performance of our sportspersons in the Olympics.

The Prime Minister said that our players have not only won medals but also established their name on the world stage by performing well in sports. We are entering the 75th year of independence. The situation in the country remained the same for the last 7 decades. These could have been replaced long ago. Water, electricity, toilets, roads and houses are the basic needs of the people. For this the countrymen had to wait for decades. Our mothers and sisters suffered the most because of this. Especially poor mothers and sisters had to face trouble.

“If anyone had to suffer the most amidst the water dripping in the hut, then the mothers and sisters had to be. If there was the biggest problem due to lack of electricity, then it was the mothers and sisters. Even if the family is sick due to the filth of water, there is a problem for the mother, waiting for darkness in the absence of a toilet, the problem for our mothers and sisters, if there is no separate toilet in the school, then the problem for our daughters,” Modi added.  

Modi while addressing through virtual medium said that for many generations, the mother was seen burning in the fire, working in the scorching heat, rubbing her eyes in the smoke. Can we move towards the 100th year of independence in such conditions, how will we progress when our society continues to struggle for basic facilities? How can dreams are fulfilled unless the society is assured of these facilities and without it how can a country become self-reliant.

“In 2014, when the country gave us the opportunity to serve, we asked similar questions to ourselves, and then it became clear that we have to solve all the problems within the stipulated time. Our daughters will be able to come out of the house and kitchen and contribute extensively in nation building only when the problems of home and kitchen are solved. That is why in the last 6.7 years, every such solution was worked in mission mode,” PM Modi stated.

He further spoke more than 02 crore pucca houses, thousands of kilometers of rural roads, electricity connections to about three crore families through Saubhagya schemes, treatment facility up to Rs.05 lakh to more than 50 crore people under Ayushman Bharat Yojana, direct banks for vaccination and nutritious food during pregnancy Money is being deposited in the account.

Modi said that under Jan Dhan Yojana, accounts of crores of sisters were opened. Deposit 30000 crores in them during the Corona period. Through Jal Jeevan Mission, we will work to supply pure water from tap to water pipe, so that the health of the sisters can be taken care of.

Describing the benefit of Ujjwala scheme, he said the Ujjwala scheme gave great emphasis to the resolve of health facilities and empowerment. In the first phase of the scheme, 08 crore poor and backward and tribal sisters were given free gas connections. They benefited so much that when people’s business was closed during the Corona period, they could get food happily. Free gas cylinders were given to crores of such poor families. Imagine if Ujjwala had not been there, what would have been the condition of our poor sisters in times of crisis. Another benefit was that the people associated with LPG gas have developed manifold in the whole country.

He stated that over 11000 gas distribution centers were opened. The families who were earlier left out of gas connections due to lack of better facilities were also added to the youth to get employment. With such efforts, today gas in India is close to being 100% covered. More than 70 years connections were given in 07 years. Efforts are being made to remove the problems which were there earlier.

He informed that one more facility is being added to the facilities which have been increased by the Ujjwala scheme. Now friends from UP and other states including Bundelkhand who travel from village to city to work, there they face the problem of proof of address. Ujjwala is going to give relief to lakhs of such people.

He said that such people do not need to wander for providing proof of address. The government has full faith in your honesty. You have to provide self declaration of your address and you will get the connection. The government’s effort is also in this direction that even gas in your kitchen should come from the water pipe. So that it will be cheaper than cylinder. The work of providing CNG connection is going on in full swing. A target has been set to connect 21 lakh houses to it. Efforts are also being made for CNG based transport. He said that when dreams are big, the efforts to achieve them should be equally big. Today, on World Biofuel Day, the engine of self-reliance has to be filled with the engine of development of the country’s development village. In 6.7 years to biogas, we have reduced petrol by 10 percent.

The target is 0 percent. It will also be cheaper to travel. The environment will also be safe. The biggest benefit will be to our farmers, especially the farmers and youth of UP, when the target of making ethanol from sugarcane will be met. Last time ethanol worth 7000 crores was purchased from ethanol producers. The process of setting up CBG plants is going on in 70 districts of UP.

Farmers in Gorakhpur in UP and Bathinda in Punjab are also going to get the price for the waste. With the installation of these plants, thousands of youth will get employment and the environment will be protected. Similarly, the second important one is the Govardhan Yojana. This scheme will encourage the production of biogas from cow dung. This will also bring cleanliness in the village and such animals which are not useful for the dairy sector, which are not giving milk; they will also give it by earning. Yogi government built many gaushalas. This is the best effort to protect the crops of the farmers. This task of self-reliance has to be increased manifold in the next 25 years. We have to prove together, sisters are going to play a special role in this.

“I convey my best wishes to all the beneficiary sisters of Ujjwala. On the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan, I feel blessed to have got the opportunity to serve the mothers and sisters. May your blessings be always with us so that we will work with a new energy to serve the 130 crore countrymen, to serve the poor, farmers, Dalits and victims with a new energy, PM Modi said.

First of all, while greeting everyone, the Prime Minister said that I just got a chance to talk to all the mothers and sisters. May I get blessings of mothers and sisters in advance? Before Raksha Bandhan, there was an opportunity to give another gift to crores of poor, deprived, backward tribal families of the country. In the next phase of Ujjwala scheme, many sisters are getting free gas connection and gas stove.

“I congratulate all the beneficiaries very much. Hardeep Singh Puri, my colleague in the Union Cabinet present in Mahoba, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, other ministers of the state government and on this occasion my greetings to all the respected MLAs and my dear brothers and sisters,” Modi concluded.

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