Uttar Pradesh: 11 lakh migrant returnees to get employment in UP, MoU signed

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Lucknow, May 29: The Yogi government has taken concrete initiatives to provide employment to migrant workers returning from different parts of the country.

Under this, on Friday, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Indian Industries Association (IIA), NARDECO (National Real Estate Development Council), Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and Government of Uttar Pradesh to provide employment to 11 lakh workers of the state.

Skill mapping of migrant workers returning to Uttar Pradesh is being carried out to create a data bank. In view of this, IIA has demanded 05 lakh workers, NARDECO has 2.5 lakhs and CII has demanded 02 lakh workers. IIA and CII will work to provide employment to workers in MSME units and NARDECO real estate institutions.

Apart from these, about 1.5 lakh workers have been demanded from the state government by some other industrial organizations.

On this occasion, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that due to global pandemic coronavirus, not only industrial activities have come to a standstill in the world but normal life has also been completely destroyed.

He said that due to the decisions taken at the right time in India and the foresight of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, compared to other countries, we have been able to control Corona to a great extent and prevent loss of life.

The Chief Minister said that in Uttar Pradesh, especially during the lockdown of more than 94 percent industrial units, production may not have taken place. But, they have done the work of giving honorarium to their workers.

The Chief Minister also thanked the industrial units for this and said that our team reviews it daily so that the units closed during the lockdown can provide honorarium to their workers.

The Chief Minister said that the Prime Minister had announced a package of more than Rs 20 lakh crore for the creation of a self-reliant India. Efforts have been made to successfully implement the process of providing Rs 2,000 per month to farmers through the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi, food grains, LPG cylinders, old age, differently abled and destitute women pension.

Yogi said that along with this, there has been an attempt to successfully make arrangements in Uttar Pradesh for those employees working in various institutions, who get salary or honorarium less than Rs 15,000, with the facility of EPF etc.

The Chief Minister said that naturally during the pandemic, workers migrated in large numbers from different states of the country. Being the largest populous state in the country, lakhs of workers had to return to Uttar Pradesh. So far, with the cooperation of the central government, about 30 lakh workers have returned to Uttar Pradesh, which reached over 1,400 workers via special trains, buses from nearby states and the rest by their own means.

He said that when large scale migrant workers returned to Uttar Pradesh, food, drinking water were arranged at the state border, toll plazas and other intersections. The state government has already decided that we will make every worker return safely in Uttar Pradesh. The state government, along with the central government, will bring the workers to Uttar Pradesh for free.

The Chief Minister said that the Chief Secretary of the state RK Tiwari has written a letter to the Chief Secretaries of other states to make available to us a list of all the workers desirous of coming back to Uttar Pradesh so that we can get them safely back. There is no set deadline. Whatever happens, we will get their safe, free and honourable return.

He said that all workers coming back to the state are first taken to the Quarantine Centres and thermal screening is done there. After this, we provide ration kits to those who are healthy, and through their means for home quarantine, they take them home. 15 days of food grains are provided in ration kits in which lentils, salt, flour, chillies, spice oils etc. are provided.

The Chief Minister said that all the migrant workers and labourers who are coming are our strength, now we are using this power to build a new Uttar Pradesh. In this sequence, the Uttar Pradesh government has taken forward the process of providing work to every hand and employment in every household with skill mapping.