US vs WHO+China: US ends relationship with WHO, imposes economic sanctions on China

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Washington, May 30: The United States of America (USA), the country most affected by global pandemic novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19), has ended all ties with the World Health Organization (WHO). US President Donald Trump has accused the WHO of acting entirely at the behest of China.

China passed the National Security Act (NSA) on Hong Kong’s autonomy with a unilateral decision at the National People’s Congress on Thursday. Hong Kong was liberated from Britain two decades ago after the act.

However, on this, China had given rights to investors to maintain Hong Kong’s autonomy for the next 50 years and as a global region. This act will come into force in September.

China had for some time been thinking of ending autonomy in Hong Kong against a two-country system. Students and youths were agitated this past summer and the US supported them as a democratic movement.

After the announcement of the US to impose economic sanctions against China, the European Community has also found a way to take steps against China.

Trump said that China pays the WHO a total of $ 40 million a year, while the US pays about $ 450 million a year. The WHO has failed to initiate the process of change and needs reforms. So today we are ending our relationship with WHO.

โ€œChina has adopted two systems instead of one country, one system. Therefore, I am directing my administration to start the process of ending the policy exemptions that give Hong Kong a separate and special treatment,โ€ pointed out US President.