Users receiving fake message in the name of banned TikTok app

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New Delhi, 07 July: Controversial Chinese app TitTok has been banned in India. Also, it has been removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Now it can neither be used nor downloaded in India.

However, now many apps have come as an alternative to TikTok, most of which are claiming that these are the only apps from India. Despite this, no app has been able to replace TikTok yet. After the ban of Tiktok, a kind of fraud regarding TikTok has also started.

Some people are getting some messages related to TikTok in WhatsApp and text messages in which it is being said that they can still use banned app.

However, tempted users have started installing this malicious app in their devices just to access TikTok. Messages have been forwarded to many users that they can access TikTok and a link has also been given.

According to one IT expert, these messages are fake because there is a complete ban in India on TikTok and the company has not said anything related to this. Also a notice has been uploaded on the app and new videos are not loading. In a way, this app is now offline for India. The company has said in a statement that it follows all the rules of the Government of India.

โ€œSuch messages can be trick of cybercriminals to hack you and blow your money. In such a situation, do not click on such link, otherwise you may incur heavy losses,โ€ added IT expert.