UP: Over 2.5 lakh cases filed against people during Covid lockdown to be withdrawn

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Lucknow, 13 February: The Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh government has taken a major decision regarding the cases filed against those who committed minor mistakes during the Covid-19 lockdown imposed across the nation to prevent from the global pandemic. The government will withdraw such filed cases.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions to withdraw about two and a half lakh cases filed.

However, cases were filed in police stations across the state for violation of Section 188 of lockdown.

During the Corona transition period many students and labourers were compelled to walk to reach their homes. They too were a victim of these cases. Cases were filed for violation of other Covid protocols, including not wearing masks or not wearing level masks.

Similarly, cases have also been registered against people for not following physical distance resulting in these cases continues to cause problems for the common people.

Thus, people are forced to visit police stations and courts regarding such cases. Now with this decision of the government, lakhs of people and traders will get relief soon. The manner in which the Yogi government fought against Corona in Uttar Pradesh was appreciated all over the world. Now with this decision, the government has done the work of removing the difficulties of the people.

The state government believes that the public will have to face unnecessary problems due to the Corona cases. Relief is being provided to them by withdrawing the cases filed in police stations. This will also reduce the burden of court cases.

The trader class will get the most benefit from this. State Law Minister Brajesh Pathak had proposed to withdraw the cases filed under the Covid Act against those who committed a minor mistake before Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath after a meeting with businessmen.

After this, it was decided to withdraw the cases of Covid and Lockdown cases filed against others along with the traders. So, guidelines have been issued regarding this.

Interestingly, the special thing is that Uttar Pradesh is the first state in the country to withdraw the corona protocol and lockdown violation cases filed against common man. With the repeal of the cases, the government has also warned people to take special precautions in such situations in future.