UP ATS nabs Myanmar citizen with fake documents

Lucknow, 06 January: The UP Anti Terrorist Squad  (ATS) on Wednesday arrested a Myanmar citizen with a fake document.

The ration card of Myanmar, Burma along with the Indian passport, Aadhaar card, and debit card, made from fake documents have also been recovered from the ATS.

UP ATS official said that after receiving information from associate investigative agencies, Azizul Haque, a resident of Nowro village in Bakhira police station area of ​​Sant Kabirnagar, has been arrested. He is originally a resident of Burma, District Akyab, Rakhine Nayafara.

A passbook of accounts of three Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, debit cards, ration cards (of Myanmar), five banks, including one of their own and two others have been recovered from him, informed ATS sources.

During an interrogation, it has been found that all the documents were fabricated in a fake way. He has travelled to Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh on these passports. In the year 2017, he has also brought its mother, sister and two brothers to India illegally and their fake documents have also been prepared.

The ATS officer said that during the initial interrogation, the accused stated that he had arrived in India in 2001 by way of Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, Badre Alam, a resident of Nauron village in Sant Kabirnagar district, said that Azizullah is not his real son nor any relative, but he met my son Inayat Ulla in Mumbai. Azizullah called himself an orphan on whom I felt pity for him and brought him to my house. I got Azizullah’s name registered in my ration card, on the basis of which he got Indian passport and other documents later.

Azizul Haq told that he has been living in India since 2002 and in the year 2017 his mother Abida Khatoon, Sister Fatima Khatoon, two brothers Zia-ul-Haq and Mo. Noor was also brought to India. One of his brothers Zia-ul-Haq lives in Nashik, while brother-in-law Noor Alam and brother Mo. Noor has left since coming to Khalilabad.

The ATS official said that it has also come to light that a large amount of money has come to Azizullah’s account from various individuals, firms and even abroad, which is being investigated.

The arrested accused will be produced before the court and taken on police remand so that information about their other associates in India can be obtained.

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