‘Highly Infectious’ UK variant of Covid-19 cases rising in India

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New Delhi, 06 January: In view of the threat of Covid-19 in the country, the risk of the new UK strain of Covid-19 is also increasing.

On Wednesday, two more patients have been infected with this new variant. With this, the number of infected people of this variant of Corona has increased from 71 to 73.

The number of patients of the new variant of Britain in Delhi has increased to 28.

According to the Union Health Ministry, eight patients have come positive in Delhi’s NCDC and 20 in IGIB.

On the other hand, Kalyani NCBG 1, 30 in NIV Pune, 3 in Hyderabad’s CCMB and 11 samples in Nimhans samples have been tested positive for new strain of Covid-19.