UP Assembly budget session: House proceedings lasted 65 hours 31 minutes, 18 Bills passed

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Lucknow, 04 March: In the budget session of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, a total of 65 hours and 31 minutes of the proceedings of the House took place. During this time a total of 18 Bills were passed.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Hriday Narayan Dixit on Thursday thanked all the members of the House at the end of the session.

The budget session of the Legislative Assembly began on February 18.

According to Speaker, the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly commenced from February 18 and lasted till March 4. The House met for a total of 10 days in these 15-day sessions, in which the proceedings of the House lasted for a total of 65 hours and 31 minutes.

He said that in 10-day sessions, short-received questions-192, starred questions-1301, unstarred questions-1671 were received. In this, 1311 questions were answered. A total of 377 notifications of Rule-301 were received, out of which 257 were approved. Under Rule-51, 680 notifications were received out of which 364 information was approved and 316 information was noticed.

Dixit further informed that during the session, 39 notifications were received under Rule-56, out of which 11 were heard for admissibility and 19 were noticed and other information was also forwarded to the government for necessary action.

He said that 1851 petitions were received in this session, out of which 1587 were admissible and presented in the House.

He said that 48 members including the Chief Minister, Leader of Opposition and party leaders attended the Governor’s address. 116 members including the Chief Minister, Leader of Opposition and party leaders participated in the budget discussion for the financial year 2021-22. A total of 18 Bills were passed in this budget session. In which there were important discussions from the side of the opposition.

โ€œThe opposition raised its demand and presented arguments. Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Suresh Kumar Khanna gave solutions to the questions raised on the questions raised,โ€ he added.

The Speaker has thanked all the members of the House at the end of the session.

He said that all party leaders and members participated in a pivotal discussion. Praising the quality of the proceedings, the Chairman said that time is not only important in the proceedings, the quality of the debate and the importance of in-depth deliberation on the issues should be evaluated.

He said that the biggest feature of this session was that this time the proceedings of the House went on very peacefully and smoothly. There were arguments from side to side. Interruptions were minimal. The Opposition had an outstanding contribution to the running of the House.

The Speaker said that parliamentary democracy is an attractive system in the world, where movements are being held for the demand of parliamentary democracy in many places in the world. Democracy has been operating here for a long time. Uttar Pradesh being the largest state in the country, the traditions we develop here. He is monitored by other legislatures.

 He said that on the question of law and order, significant debate took place in the assembly many times. Of course, the Opposition has its own figures and facts and the Government’s own, but the interest and seriousness of the House in the debate remained a matter of attraction.

Dixit further apprised that the problems of farmers were also raised with seriousness in the meeting. With a view to removing the problem of holiday animals and the problem of sugarcane farmers, both the opposition and the ruling party were shown to be serious. There was a serious debate in the Vidhan Sabha on all the questions of urgent importance including power, agriculture, administration, water supply.

Dixit lauded the presence of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in the House despite the entire busy schedule and said that the Chief Minister, present in the discussion of the Governor’s address and the budget, gave his detailed reply speech on the topics raised in the House.

โ€œApart from this, from time to time, intervening on all important issues of the House resolved the apprehensions of the House. Specifically, the situation was clarified by discussing in detail about the bill brought by the Government of India in favor of the farmers,โ€ the Speaker further said.

The Chairman said that all party leaders including Leena Tiwari and Suhail Dev Party leader due to the ill health of Leader of Opposition Ram Gobind Chaudhary of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Lal Ji Verma of Indian National Congress (INC), Aradhana Mishra ‘Mona’ and  Apna Dal Neil Ratan Patel Praised.

He said that the Leader of Opposition continued to be present in the House, intervening on most of the issues arising, made very important and timely suggestions. This enlightened the members of the house.

โ€œBSPโ€™s Lal Ji Verma was present in the House for the most part with his special interest on important subjects. With his intellectual knowledge on each of the issues, he gave suggestions to the government for effective solution to the problems,โ€ he added.  

The Speaker told that the Congress leader Aradhana Mishra, as the party leader of ‘Mona’, praised the issues very gracefully and effectively. In addition, other party leaders expressed appreciation for raising the issue effectively. The Speaker lauded the Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Suresh Kumar Khanna for his significant contribution by answering debates on various types of information and passing of bills including 56, 51, 301 raised from the Opposition. All the members of the cabinet were satisfied with their answers to the members of the House in special cases and debates on behalf of the government