UPMRCL returns passengers Rs 58,000, 04 laptops and 12 mobiles

Lucknow, 03 March: The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (UPMRCL) has, since the beginning of this year, maintained the confidence of safe travel by returning passengers Rs 58,200, cheque of Rs 15000, 12 mobile phones and 04 laptops.

Managing Director (MD) of Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation, Kumar Keshav said on Wednesday that it is our first priority to provide safe and barrier free travel to the passengers. It is our responsibility to protect the passengers as well as their luggage.

He said that all metro employees understand the responsibilities and perform their duties faithfully. That is why the tradition of returning the goods of the passengers is being carried on well. Metro has assured the trust of safe and convenient travel in Lucknow by returning Rs 58,200, cheque of Rs 15000, 12 mobile phones and 04 laptops to passengers this year.

He further added, on March 02, while taking tickets at the Charbagh metro station, a passenger’s purse was missed. The purse contained 13,500 cash, cheque of Rs 15000, ATM card and other necessary papers. Tom operator immediately got the purse and deposited it with the station controller. Two hours later, when the passenger came back to the station, the purse was returned safely.

He said on February 16 last, a passenger forgot his bag in the scan machine itself. The metro employee immediately handed over the bag to the station controller. This bag contained Rs 10,000, Aadhaar card and other essential paper. The metro administration handed over the bag to the rightful owner after proper investigation.

“Similarly, on January 30, a Metro employee got the purse of a female passenger at the Krishna Nagar metro station. It had Rs 5,500, ATM card, Aadhaar card and other important documents besides PAN card. After investigation, the purse was handed over to the woman. The woman thanked the metro administration and PAC jawans after the purse was given proper protection,” Kumar Keshav told.

7.78 lakh rupees were returned to passengers since the start of the metro train

The operation of the metro trains from CCS Airport to Munshi Pulia in the capital city of Lucknow has started in the year 2017 since then; about Rs 7, 78,581, 52 laptops, 355 mobiles and 1756 bags have been returned to the passengers. UPMRCL has greatly simplified the process of returning passengers’ luggage through the Lost and Found (Lost and Found) Cell in the metro. This allows passengers to get back their lost luggage without any hassle.

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