UP: 55.47% voting in graduate-teacher MLC elections, lowest in Lucknow

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Lowest 36.74 percent voting in Lucknow division graduate constituency.

Gorakhpur Faizabad division teacher constituency recorded the highest 73.94 percent polling.

Lucknow, December 01: On Tuesday, 55.47 percent voting was held in 11 seats of teacher and graduate quota in the Legislative Council of Uttar Pradesh.

The voting speed was very slow in the morning. When the voters came out of their houses in the afternoon, it showed speed.

However, due to the apathy of voters in Lucknow division graduate constituency, only 36.74 percent voting could be done.

At the same time, Gorakhpur Faizabad division teacher constituency recorded the highest 73.94 percent polling.

Joint Chief Electoral Officer Ramesh Chandra Rai said that till five o’clock in the evening, 41.56 percent in Agra division graduate, 41.10 percent in Allahabad Jhansi division graduate, 36.74 percent in Lucknow division graduate, 42.86 percent in Meerut division graduate and 39.33 in Varanasi section graduate constituency.

Similarly, 70.78 percent in Agra division teacher, 73.48 percent in Bareilly-Moradabad division teacher, 73.94 percent in Gorakhpur Faizabad division teacher constituency, 58.99 percent in Lucknow division teacher, 62.60 percent in Meerut division teacher and 68.83 percent in Varanasi division teacher constituency.

There are 114 candidates in five division undergraduate constituencies and 85 candidates in six division teacher constituencies, that is, 199 candidates are in the fray in 11 constituencies.

With the voting, the decision of the fate of BJP, SP, Congress, various teachers’ organizations and independent candidates was closed in the ballot papers. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) kept a distance from this election.

It is noteworthy that the tenure of Kanti Singh from Lucknow division graduate, Kedarnath Singh from Varanasi division graduate, Aseem Yadav from Agra division graduate, Hem Singh Pundir, teacher leader from Meerut division graduate, Yajnadutt Sharma from Allahabad-Jhansi division graduate, Lucknow division graduate Umesh Dwivedi from Varanasi, Chet Narayan Singh from Varanasi division teacher, Jagveer Kishore Jain from Agra division teacher, Om Prakash Sharma, leader teacher from Meerut division teacher, Sanjay Kumar Mishra from Bareilly-Moradabad division teacher and Dhruv Kumar Tripathi from Gorakhpur-Faizabad division teacher has ended so this election was concluded.

The counting of votes will take place on 03 December and elections will be completed before 07 December.