So far, 12,290 infected people identified during focus-testing campaign in UP

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Lucknow, 01 December: In order to ascertain the level of coronavirus infection across the state, 12,290 new people have been identified in various groups during ‘focus-testing’, however, their treatment has been started.

Additional Chief Secretary Medical and Health Amit Mohan Prasad said on Tuesday that the focus-testing campaign was conducted in the state from October 29 to November 12 and from November 19 to November 30.

“During this period, among two wheelers, auto drivers, rickshaw pullers, Mehndi designers, salon employees, sweet shops-restaurants workers, temples, shopping malls, electronics and vehicle showrooms, retailers, drugstores -Nursing Home, fruit, vegetables sellers have identified the infected people,” ACS Health apprised.

He pointed out that so far, 12,290 infected people have been identified under the focus-testing campaign.

He said that identifying infected people by visiting crowded areas and important places through focus testing helped prevent corona infection from spreading during festivals.

Three-day special campaign for wedding ceremony

“Along with this, a special campaign is going on for the next three days from Tuesday till 03 December. Under this, focus testing of the personnel related to Band-Baja, Light, Tent, Marriage Hall, DJ, will be done,” Prasad told.

Focus testing of marked locations from December 04 to 10

He informed that along with this, mapping of infected areas is being done in all the districts of the state. Through this, infected areas, mohallas are being characterized through mapping. Focus testing of these identified locations will be done from December 04 to 10. Most of these samples will be subjected to RTPCR screening to detect the infection as soon as possible and isolate the infected person and break the chain of infection.

He said to be vigilant to avoid corona and wear masks in public places, wash hands, keep two yards distance from people and avoid going to crowded places. Particularly children, elderly, pregnant women and already ill persons can be protected from infection by keeping away from public programs, places.