Unlock-1: UP will get lot of lockdown leeway but crowds not allowed yet, says Yogi Adityanath during virtual press conference

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Lucknow, May 31: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said here on Sunday that people will get a lot of leeway in the fifth phase of the lockdown, but the gathering of crowds will not be allowed at all.

He informed that the lockdown will be strictly followed in the areas of risk.

Chief Minister Yogi was addressing a virtual press conference today.

He said that the fifth phase of lockdown is starting in the entire country from Monday. With this, the first phase of unlock will also begin.

Yogi said that following the guidelines issued by the Centre in this regard, the people of Uttar Pradesh will also be given considerable relief. Almost all activities from the traffic will start with condition, but there will still be strictness in sensitive areas. Also, social programs and gatherings will not be allowed anywhere.

Yogi said that stage-wise relaxation will be done in the fifth-phase of lockdown. Religious places will be opened from May 8.

He said that people still have to be very vigilant.

The Chief Minister expressed confidence that the people of the state have become very aware in this matter. They now know that we too have to be saved and others too.

He said that the elderly who are above 65 years, pregnant women and children below 10 years of age, will have to be specially protected.

The first year of the second term of Modi government is said to be historic.

During the press conference, Chief Minister Yogi described the first year of the second term of the central government led by Narendra Modi as historic.

He said that the work that Prime Minister Modi did in a year, had been a challenge for the country for years.

Yogi pointed out that the abolition of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, the end of the practice of triple talaq, the issue of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya and the decision of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) are prime examples.

Chief Minister Yogi said that Prime Minister Modi presented a wonderful and unique example of how the country should be led in the crisis of global pandemic like Corona.

He said that it is a result of his leadership skills that India’s position in corona infection and death is very good compared to many other developed countries.

He said that in the lockdown period, Prime Minister Modi gave two Covid-19 economic packages of one lakh crore and then 20 lakh crore.

β€œPM presented his foresight as a vision before the world. In these packages, he paid maximum attention to the interests of the most affected sections,” Yogi added.

Yogi said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the country is constantly moving on the path of success.

He expressed confidence that under Modi’s leadership, India will become a superpower in the world.

The Chief Minister also congratulated the Prime Minister and all the members of his cabinet on completing the first year of the second term of the Modi government.

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