Syria’s deadly ‘massacre’, more than 100 deaths in air strikes, UN confirmed

Geneva, July 27: The conflict between the government and its affiliates and civilians in Syria is continuing. The Syrian government and its Russian counterparts are attacking in different areas of Syria. On this ongoing conflict, the United Nations has expressed deep concern. According to the United Nations, more than 100 civilians have lost their lives in the air strikes of the Syrian government and its Russian counterparts.

The UN has said that air strikes by the Syrian government and its Russian collaborators on schools, hospitals, markets and bakeries have killed at least 103 civilians in the last 10 days, including 26 children.

Yesterday 18 civilians, including five children, were killed in the bomb blast by Syrian government and its Russian counterparts in north-western Syria. This information was given by a monitoring organization in Syria.

Syrian regime and its Russian counterparts have deadly attacks in areas around Idlib province,  Aleppo and Hama provinces. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that ten people, including three children of the same family, were killed in a Russian air strike in a farm near Khan Shaikhun city of Idlib province. The organization said that eight other people were killed in the attacks carried out by the Syrian regime.

Israel attacked with a missile on a military hideout in the south of Syria. Syria’s official said that a Israeli missile attack targeted Syrian military bases. These missiles were fired from nearby Golan Heights in the south of the country, an area that was captured by Israel.

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