Road to achieve five trillion dollar economy is possible through Uttar Pradesh, says NITI Ayog CEO

Lucknow, January, 18: Amitabh Kant, chied excutive officer (CEO) of National Instituation for Transforming India (NITI) AYOG today informed that around 351 million people have been lifted above the poverty line in the last ten years.

Speaking on the occasion, Kant was in the state capital to attend a symposium on ‘Transforming Uttra Pradesh to an Ideal State’ organised by the Lucknow Management Association, he asserted that Uttar Pradesh is the heart and soul of India, whic plays most important role in making India a five trillion economy.

He said, “ One of the youngest states anywhere in the world is Uttar Pradesh. It is as per said if it was a country , it would be fufth largest country in the world, and therefore we should try to look at in the perspective what the Prime Minister has said the mission of five trillion economy by 2024 -25 but it is not possible till states do not deliever that , however, every single state must have an ambition to really grow at rapid renge.”

While addressing the gathering, NITI Ayog CEO said “ The target of achiving five trillion dollar economy is possible through Uttar Pradeshand Uttar Pradesh is very much capable of doing so.”

“In Just two years, Uttar Pradesh has jumped from 23rd position to 11th rank in ease of doing business,”said Amitabh Kant.

The NITI Ayog CEO asserted that if Uttar Pradesh is not transformed then India not transformed.

“Uttar Pradesh is the heart and soul of India. If UP achieves one trillion dollar economy target then India will also become a five trillion dollar economy,” Kant added.

He also stressed on the developing a unique Start-up culture in Uttar Pradesh for growth.

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