Anti-CAA stir: Lucknow police seizes food items, blankets from protesting Muslim women at Clock Tower

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Lucknow, 19 January: Work has started in the Commissionerate system in Lucknow. Late Saturday night, Lucknow Police Commissioner Sujeet Pandey enforced Section 144 by his order for the first time in the history of the police department. Along with this, action can be taken against Muslim women protesting against CAA and NRC near historical Clock Tower at Husainabad.

Police Commissioner Sujeet Pandey made history by applying Section 144 from his post for the first time. Till now section 144 was to be enforced within the jurisdiction of the District Magistrate(DM). Now this section was implemented by the police department for the first time. With the implemenation of  section 144 in Lucknow, the Additional Commissioner of Police(ACP), Deputy Commissioner of Police(DCP) and Assistant Commissioner of Police(ACP) of the police department have taken over the charge to vacate the women protesters from the place.

Meanwhile, late Saturday night, police department officials warned protesting Muslim women to move out from Clock Tower. However, police personnel removed the blankets kept for women in bundles. On Sunday morning, officers along with police force ย have surrounded the clock tower, and along with blankets, their food items have also been confiscated from their possession on Sunday early morning.

Despite the implementation of Section 144, there can also be legal action can be initiated against Muslim women protesting against NRC and CAA.

On the order of Police Commissioner Sujeet Pandey, immediate action can be taken against any person for violating Section 144. Lucknow police believe that the atmosphere of the city should remain calm and peaceful in view of Republic Day on January 26 and Defense Expo to be held from Febuary 5 to 9 in Lucknow.