Rising of Covid: All schools up to class 12 to be closed from March 25 in UP

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Lucknow, 23 March: In view of the increasing cases of coronavirus across the state, the Yogi government has now declared a holiday from March 25 to 31 in schools from class 9 to 12 as well. Earlier, the government has declared Holi holiday from March 24 to 31 in all the BASIC and private schools up to class VIII.

Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma informed on Tuesday that in view of the recent rise in the cases of infection due to Holi, other festivals and new strains of Covid-19, all the Education Boards of Class-9 to 12 Secondary Schools will be closed for the Holi holiday from 25 March to 31.

 Sharma said that the schools which have pre-scheduled examinations during this period can only be opened for examination work. However, regular reading and working classes will not be conducted. Apart from this, all the schools run by the Department of Secondary Education from class 01 to class 08 will remain closed for the holiday of Holi from March 24 to 31.

Sharma said that at the time of examination, the guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Education related to Covid-19 on www.mhrd.gov.in and the Health and Family Welfare Department and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the State were ensured in letter and spirit.