States kick off preparations to vaccinate people aged 45-59 from April 1: Ministry of Health

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New Delhi, 23 March: Under the ongoing immunization program to prevent from coronavirus infection across the country, from April 1, everyone aged 45-59 will get vaccinated.

For this, people will be able to register on Cowin software from April 1. After this decision of the Cabinet on Tuesday, the Central Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan wrote to the secretaries of all the states and directed them to complete the preparations.

The Health Secretary told the states that all the necessary changes are being made in the Cowin software, but complete all preparations to speed up the vaccination at the grassroots level.

โ€œThe concerned officials of the states should also provide complete information about the decision of the cabinet to the people. Along with making complete preparations for online and on-spot registration in private and government hospitals, issue instructions to pay special attention to prevent vaccine wastage,โ€ added Union Health Secretary.  

It has been said in the letter that now all people in the age group of 45-59 will no longer have to give any certificate of serious illnesses, everyone will have to register on Cowin app. If a hospital refuses to give the vaccine even after registration, then people can lodge a complaint on 1075.