Priyanka Reddy murder: Three police men suspended, protesters gheraoed police, police baton charge injured many protesters, Telangana Bar Association nixes to plead in favour of the accused

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Hyderabad, November 30: Three police personnel of Shamshabad police station have been suspended for being negligent in the case of burning a female doctor after gang rape in Hyderabad. The suspended policemen included Sub Inspector M. Ravi Kumar, Head Constable P. Venugopal Reddy and A.M. Satyanarayana Gaur.

Seeing the large number of protesters at the police station, the challenge for the police to take the accused to court

The hospital was not able to take the accused for medical examination, doctors were called to the police station

People gathered to protest in front of Shadnagar police station over police negligence in the killing of veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy. Thousands of protesters have blocked the road protesting against taking the accused to court. Police lathi-charged twice to control these people. Many protesters have sustained injuries in police lathicharge. Due to the huge crowd, the police could not even take the accused to the hospital. However,  the police had to call the doctors for the medical examination of the accused.

On Saturday morning, all the four accused, who were involved in killing of Dr. Priyanka Reddy, were brought to the Shadnagar police station. The police were preparing to present these four accused in the court of Shadnagar after medical examination. In the meanwhile, thousands of people and activists of women’s organizations gathered at the police station when the news reached to the public to bring those accused of killing the doctor to the police station. Thousands of people staged demonstration against  the negligence of the police and the demand to hand over the accused to the mob.

The police, however,  had to lathi-charge twice to control the uncontrolled protesters. Lathicharge of police has injured many protesters. The protesters blocked the road leading to the hospital and the court. Along with the women’s organization, a large number of women also reached the police station and demanded that the accused be handed over to them.

Seeing the anger of the protesters, the police decided to call the medical team to the police station. Somehow, Dr. Srinivas and Dr. Surender of Shadnagar Hospital were brought to police station under tight security. Till the news is written, thousands of people have gathered on both sides of the road from the police station on the three-kilometer road of the court of Shadnagar. In view of the huge crowd of protesters, a large number of police and security forces have been deployed. In view of the people’s opposition, it is a challenge for the police to take the accused to present in the court.

No lawyer will take the case of the accused

In view of the brutal killing  of the Dr. Priyanka Reddy by the accused, the Telangana Bar Association has decided that no advocate will plead in favor of the accused. Rather, Mahabaubnagar Fast Tract Court will try to punish the accused within two months.

 National Women’s Commission member Shyamala Kundar reached Hyderabad from New Delhi on Saturday morning and inspected the scene amid security. Kundar met senior police officers. Kundar reached the residence of Priyanka Reddy and met her family members. Later in the afternoon, Union Minister of State for Home Kishan Reddy and Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party President Kova Laxman are also expected to visit Priyanka Reddy’s family members at her residence.