Kanpur Mayor’s saree was the center of attraction during President Kovind’s programme

Kanpur Mayor Pramila Pandey (left ) in sarron-coloured khadi saree

Kanpur, November 30: On the first day of President Ram Nath Kovind’s visit to Kanpur ( President’s hometown)on Saturday, Mayor Pramila Pandey appeared on donning saffron-colored Khadi saree which was the center of attraction among the people and also the President himself inquired about the saree later on which the Mayor replied that it has been made from Swaraj Ashram in Kanpur.

However, Preparations were made for several days before from officials from the district administration to the army officers for the arrival of President Ram Nath Kovind to the city.

At the same time, Mayor Pramila Pandey appeared very happy with the President’s program being held for the first time in the Kanpur district. For this, the Mayor decorated the Municipal Corporation like a bride and made a special Khadi saffron saree for herself from Swaraj Ashram, Kanpur, Khadi Department. This saffron saree was worn by the mayor throughout the day and Khadi saffron saree was the center of attraction in front of people in all the three programs.

Everybody was seen discussing among themselves after seeing the sari of the Mayor. In PSIT and university programs, the President did not say anything about the saree, but when it was a municipal corporation’s program, The President quitely discussed the the saree.

The Mayor informed that this saree is made in Swaraj Ashram in Kanpur, then the President said that Swaraj Ashram of Kanpur will no longer be in loss on this Mayor told that Swaraj Ashram has improved its technique as per time.

On hearing the words of appreciation of the sari by the President, the mayor was overjoyed and said that it is a matter of pride for me and Swaraj Ashram.

Member of Parliament(MP) of Kanpur constituency,  Satyadev Pachauri said that when he was the minister of Khadi Department, I had conducted survey from Khadi Department of other states. Along with this, branded cotton clothing was also surveyed in the market. Based on which technology was given priority and many changes were also made in cotton yarn. With this, now the Khadi department of Uttar Pradesh is also making its mark in the market.

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