POTUS’s visit to India: Extra water released from the Ganges to improve the condition of Yamuna

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Agra, February 20: For the cleanliness and improve the environment condition of ย Yamuna river in Agra, about 500 cusecs of water is being released from the Upper Ganga canal every day since February 17 ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit to India.

However, this special arrangement has been made jointly by the Government of India and the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

The river Yamuna flowing along the Taj Mahal is very polluted and water flow is also very low at the moment. Water will reach Agra in the next 48 hours. When US President Donald Trump visits Agra, water of the Yamuna river will be crystal clear.

Haridwar SDO informed that there will be no shortage of water in Yamuna due to release of water in Ganga. Also, clear water of Yamuna will be seen behind the Taj Mahal of Agra. The water level of Tehri Lake is 791: 83 today and 221 cusecs of water is being released into the Ganges.