PM Modi’s message for farmers, ‘Our intentions are pure like Ganga’

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PM said – no middlemen, no commission, the amount going directly to the farmers’ accounts.

Bhopal, 18 December: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the Madhya Pradesh government is completely dedicated to the farmers and continuous work is being done for the welfare of the farmers here.

“Today, in the accounts of more than 35 lakh farmers of the state, an amount of 1600 crore rupees is being transferred directly to their accounts, no middlemen, no commission. This is the result of the system made in India in the last 5-6 years, which is being praised all over the world today,” Modi said.

PM said that Kisan Credit Cards are being provided to farmers for agricultural related work, due to which they are getting loans at low interest rate. Today, inauguration / foundation stone of agricultural infrastructure like cold storage, ware house etc. have also been made, which will be very useful for the farmers. Due to lack of storage in the country, fruits, vegetables and grains worth one lakh crore per year are destroyed. Our priority is to build a network of storage centers and establish food processing enterprises in the country.

The agrarian reforms that were to be done in the country 25-30 years ago are now

The Prime Minister said that all the three agricultural laws are extremely beneficial for the farmers and absolutely necessary for the progress of agriculture. These laws were to be implemented in the country 25-30 years ago. The previous governments mentioned implementing them in their manifestos but did not act. The Swaminathan Committee report on agrarian reform was suppressed by the previous government, while we have implemented it. Today when our government has implemented agricultural reforms in the interest of farmers, confusion and fear is being spread among the farmers. Farmer brothers understand this and do not get confused at all. Our intention is as holy as the waters of ‘Maa Ganga’ and ‘Maa Narmada’. Every step of ours is in the interest of farmers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed more than 50 lakh farmers of the state directly (virtually) at the Kisan Mahasammelan organized in Raisen, on Friday.

The farmers were virtually connected to the venue and all the districts, districts and gram panchayats of the state.

In the program, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan started transfer of Rs 1600 crore as the first instalment of crop damage in the accounts of 35 lakh farmers of the state.

The Chief Minister inaugurated / inaugurated the works for development of agricultural infrastructure worth more than Rs 70 crore in the program. Along with this, Kisan Credit Card was also distributed to 2 thousand fishermen and livestock farmers.

MP VD Sharma Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel, Health Minister Dr. Prabhuram Chaudhary etc. were present in the program.

Farmer’s debt waiver promise not fulfilled

The Prime Minister Modi said that the previous government did not fulfil the promise of loan waiver made to farmers. The loans of the farmers were not waived and they received notices of banks and warrants of arrest in place of loan waiver. Today, the opposition is opposing the reforms being done in the interest of farmers and spreading confusion.

Today there is no shortage of urea

He said that our government is providing adequate quantity of urea to the farmers. We have stopped black marketing of urea. The old fertilizer factories are being revived. Modern fertilizer plants are being set up. We are also making farmers energetic with food providers. “There is a campaign to install solar pumps at low prices in the farmers’ fields. We have taken full care of the farmers who produce food grains, as well as the farmers of animal husbandry, bee keeping and fish farming,” PM Modi added.

‘MSP will be removed’, no lie is bigger than this

The Prime Minister said that the opposition is spreading the illusion that the MSP will be removed. There is no greater lie than this. Not only have we significantly increased the MSP of various crops, but the MSP procurement has also increased manifold over the years.

Modi told in the old government, where the MSP rate of wheat was Rs 1400 per quintal, it is now Rs 1975 per quintal. Paddy MSP 1810 to 1870, Jowar 1520 to 2640, Lentil’s 1950 to 5100, Chana’s 3100 to 5100, Tur’s 4300 to 6000 and Moong’s MSP 4500 to 7200 now Rs per quintal.

Will spend more than 5 thousand crores on modernization of mandis ( Marketing Yards)

The Prime Minister said that the second big lie is that the mandis will be closed. No agricultural produce market of the country will be closed, but we are going to spend more than Rs.5000 crores on their modernization. Through the new law, the farmer has been given the option to sell his crop as per his wish, where he gets more profit, either inside the market or anywhere outside the market. These new laws have not been implemented in the country for the last six months, till date no market has been closed, nor will it be closed further.

Agricultural contract law gives protection to farmers

He said that the Farming Agreement (Agricultural Contract) Act we have made provides protection to farmers. At the time of sowing, the farmer can contract his produce with anyone. This contract will be for his crop and not his land. The farmers have been given the right to terminate it but the trader will not be able to terminate the contract. According to the new law, the trader would be obliged to buy the farmers’ crop at the contracted rate. He suggested that the state governments should make a contract form in simple language and make it available to the farmers, so that they have the facility to contract.