Uttar Pradesh gears up for mass Covid-19 vaccination

After the vaccination is done, arrange for the person to stay for some time.

35,000 centers will be set up for storage of Corona vaccine in the state.

Lucknow, 19 December: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions for safe storage of much-awaited Corona vaccine and to make flower-proof system in respect of cold chain.

He has said that all necessary arrangements should be ensured in the storage center of Covid-19 vaccine.

He has also given orders to make proper disposal of biomedical waste keeping in mind the corona vaccination work.

The Chief Minister was reviewing the arrangements being made in connection with the corona vaccination at a high level meeting at Lok Bhawan here on Saturday.

He instructed that after the vaccine is given in the Corona Vaccine Center, arrangements should be made for the concerned person to stay for some time.

He also directed to ensure comprehensive security arrangements at the vaccine center.

Do vaccinations work as per the prescribed time line

The Chief Minister said that vaccination work of Covid-19 can be done in the state according to the prescribed time line, for this it is necessary that adequate number of vaccinators should be available. Training programs have started at district level.

Yogi has instructed to make the work of preparing vaccinators for the vaccine to be conducted at a rapid pace.

Storage capacity of 2.5 lakh liter vaccine created in the state

Island refrigerators and deep freezers are being provided by the Government of India (GoI) for storage as per the Corona vaccine standards. The storage capacity of 2.5 lakh liter vaccine has been created in the state. Six crore syringes will be required for vaccination work. So far, 4.5 crore syringes have been allocated.

Time, place and date of vaccination will be recorded

A vaccination team will vaccinate 100 people daily. Each vaccination team will be accompanied by a police constable and a home guard duty. The time, place and date of vaccination will be informed on the phone of the person who will be vaccinated.

After vaccination, the person concerned will have to stay at the vaccination center for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, 35,000 centers will be set up for storage of Corona vaccine in the state.

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