Lucknow: Gomti Nagar railway station’s second entrance to be ready for passengers by Feb 2021

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Lucknow, 18 December: Passengers will also be able to catch the train from the second entry gate (second entry) from the month of February of the New Year-2021 at Gomti Nagar railway station in the capital Lucknow.

This will reduce the distance of passengers by four to five kilometers and will also save time. Now the passengers have to come through the main building.

The Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has started working with a private company to make Gomti Nagar railway station in the capital Lucknow world-class.

Its new building is being built on platform number six. Right now, travellers have to reach the Gomti Nagar railway station via Gomti Nagar Mithai Chauraha due to this, people of most areas of Trans Gomti including Lucknow’s Indiranagar, Chinhat, Malhore, Vikas Nagar, Aliganj, Khurramnagar take longer route to reach Gomti Nagar railway station.

Therefore, the RLDA has started the work of connecting the main road to the station with the station building being built on the other side.

This road will go to platform six of Gomti Nagar station. By reaching platform number six by vehicles, passengers will be able to reach any platform of the station by ladder.

The railway administration has fixed the period of January 31, 2021 for connecting platform number six to the road. Recently, Vinay Kumar Tripathi, GM of Northeast Railway, came to Lucknow to review the development work.

He reached Gomti Nagar station and took stock of the plan to make it world class. The officials of the Railway Land Development Authority were ordered by the GM to make a road for the passengers on the scheduled time and add it to the second entry.

Lucknow Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Northeast Railway Mahesh Gupta said on Friday that passengers will be able to catch trains from the second entry of Gomti Nagar railway station from February 31 onwards after January 31. This will reduce their distance of four to five kilometers and will also save time.