PM announces Rs 100 lakh crore for NIP project

New Delhi, August 15: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the National Infrastructure Pipeline Project (NIP) for the all-round infrastructure development of the country.

On Saturday, on the occasion of 74th Independence Day, Modi said from the ramparts of the Red Fort that there will be 100 lakh crore rupees on it.

Modi said that it would be like a new revolution in infrastructure.

Addressing the people, Modi said that there is a need to give a new direction to move India towards modernity. In fact, according to an estimate, India will have to spend $ 4.5 trillion on infrastructure by 2030 for faster economic growth.

The PM said that there is a need for large infrastructure development in the country to move India towards modernity. This need will be met through the National Infrastructure Pipeline. More than Rs 100 lakh crore will be spent on this.

He said that for this about 7 thousand projects have been identified in different sectors.

In his address from the ramparts of the Red Fort, the PM said that the NIP will benefit the economy in many ways, business expansion will increase, and employment opportunities will be created.

He said that the standard of living of the people will improve. Due to this, the effect of economic growth will be seen on many levels.

The PM said that by increasing the expenditure on infrastructure facilities, economic activities will increase. The government will be helped in increasing revenue, which will help in timely completion of projects.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman launched the online dashboard of the National Infrastructure Pipeline on August 10. This dashboard will showcase over 6,800 projects online.

The online dashboard of NIP is to be submitted (uploaded) on the India Investment Grid (IIG). Actually, it is a dynamic and interactive online platform that displays real-time investment opportunities in India.

It is worth mentioning that spending 102 lakh crore rupees on the infrastructure project will help India to create a $ 5 trillion (5 trillion) economy by 2025. Some projects have been identified for this, including sectors such as power, railways, urban irrigation, transport, education and health. In this, the outline of about 25 lakh crore rupees project related to power is ready, while 20 lakh crore rupees related to roads and 14 lakh crore rupees related railway projects are prepared.

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