Petrol, diesel prices hiked for 21 straight day

New Delhi, 27 June: Petrol and diesel prices continue to rise despite opposition from the common man to truck operators. Oil marketing companies have increased the price of oil amid softening crude oil prices in the international market.

Oil companies on Saturday also increased the price of petrol by 25 paise per liter and diesel by 21 paise per liter.

With this, diesel has been costlier by Rs 11, while petrol has been costing Rs 9.12 per liter in the last 21 days.

According to the website of Indian Oil, the price of petrol in Delhi is Rs 80.38, while diesel has been increased to Rs 80.40 per liter.

At the same time, the price of petrol in Mumbai is Rs 87.14, while the price of diesel has been increased to Rs 78.71 per liter.

Along with this, petrol in Chennai is getting Rs 83.59, while diesel is getting Rs 77.61 per liter.

Apart from this, petrol in Kolkata is being sold at Rs 82.05, while diesel is selling at Rs 75.52 per liter.

Likewise, petrol price in Uttra Pradesh’s capital Lucknow is selling at Rs 81/ liter whereas diesel price is at Rs 72.45/ liter. Petrol price is hiked by 25 paise and diesel by 27 paise.

Diesel becomes expensive by Rs 11 in 21 days

The international market has seen a softening trend in crude oil prices for most of the last 21 days, but the prices of oil are continuously rising in the domestic market.

It is worth mentioning that the price of crude oil in the Indian basket is hovering around $ 42 per barrel but due to no cut in petrol and diesel prices, the price of diesel has increased by Rs 11 per liter, while petrol price has also increased by Rs 9.12 per liter.

Opposition parties have been attacking the government over unprecedented fuel price hike. Congress party has said that it will hold mass demonstration over the rise in fuel prices across the country on Monday.

On Friday, Samajwadi Party workers protested against the continuous hike in petrol and diesel prices outside the Vidhan Bhawan in Lucknow under the leadership of Mulayam Youth Brigade state president Anees Raja.

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