Petrol-Diesel: Lowest price in Port Blair, Most expensive in Rajasthan

New Delhi, 05 November: Before the festival of lights- ‘Diwali’, the Central Government cut excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs 5 and Rs 10 per litre respectively. After this, reduction made by the Centre on both the fuels, fresh competition to reduce Value Added tax (VAT) has started in the states as well.

One after the other, all the states are reducing VAT on petrol and diesel. In such a situation, it is special to know where the cheapest diesel and petrol are being found and where the prices are highest.

Lowest price in Port Blair

The cheapest diesel-petrol in the country is currently available in Port Blair. This place is on the Andaman Islands of the country. Here the price of diesel is Rs 80.96 per litre, while the price of petrol is Rs 87.10 per litre. These prices are only after deduction of excise duty of the Central Government. If the VAT on diesel-petrol is reduced by the Port Blair government, then the prices may come down further.

Most expensive in Rajasthan

Diesel is selling at Rs 95.71 per litre in Jaipur, Rajasthan, while petrol is being sold at Rs 111.10 per litre. However, there is little chance of the prices coming down here in the coming days. In fact, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has said on the question of reduction of VAT that VAT will be reduced automatically after reduction of excise duty by the Central Government because, if the price decreases, then the percentage of VAT on it will also be less.

Cheapest Petrol in Chennai and Diesel in Delhi

If we talk about metros, then the cheapest petrol is available in Chennai, while the cheapest diesel is in Delhi. Petrol in Chennai costs Rs 101.40 per litre and diesel costs Rs 91.43 per litre.

At the same time, in the country’s capital Delhi, diesel is running at Rs 86.67 per litre, while the price of petrol in Delhi is Rs 103.97 per litre.

Most Expensive Diesel-Petrol in Mumbai

Diesel is currently being sold at Rs 94.14 per litre in the country’s financial capital Mumbai, while the price of petrol is Rs 109.98 per litre.

The Maharashtra government has also not announced a reduction in VAT on diesel-petrol. There is no such possibility in the coming days.

However, VAT is being reduced by all the states, and then the government may take a decision under pressure. But, at present, the most expensive diesel-petrol in all the metros is being found in Mumbai.

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