Over 50k diyas made of cow dung to illuminate banks of Ayodhya’s Saryu river and temples

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Ambuj Tripathi

Ayodhya, October 04: This time in Diwali, banks of Saryu river, major temples and monasteries in Ayodhya district will be illuminated with the light of ‘Diyas’ ( earthen lamps) made from cow pats.

However, this task has been taken up by Shri Shyam Shakti Goshala Committee of Sultanpur district.

A target has been set to light about 50 thousand lamps. For this, the meeting of the institution was held at the Siddhpeeth Hanuman temple situated at the new ghat on the banks of Saryu.

The general secretary of the Committee, Praveen Dubey informed on Sunday that this time, the Committee has set a goal to decorate the temple town with the light of earthen lamps made of cow dung.

A target has been set to burn about 50 thousand lamps. For which the making of diyas at Gaushala was expedited. More and more lamps will be prepared and banks of Saryu river and temples will be lit.

Mahant Tyagi Narayan Das of Siddhapeeth Hanuman Garhi told that work is being done for innocent and destitute cows for five consecutive years by Gaushala committee. In which the plan to light the Ayodhya’s Saryu Ghat and temples by ‘Diyas’ prepared by cow dung by Gaushala will strengthen the facts related to cow science.

The founder of the committee, Hausila Prasad Dubey told that to promote the self-reliant India, we also prepare Havan Samidha, Gomutra extracts, natural fertilizers and flower pots from cow dung.