Opposition of CAA exposes the real face of Congress: Prime Minister Modi

New Delhi, February 06: Prime Minister Narendra Modi blamed the Congress and other opposition parties for the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), saying that this has exposed their true face to the country.

Responding to the discussion on the motion of thanks presented in the Lok Sabha on Thursday on the President’s address, the Prime Minister said that he is thankful to the Congress that if they do not oppose the CAA, then the country would not know who is with it and who is against it. is.

Attacking the opposition leaders who have been praising the Constitution regarding the CAA and the National Citizenship Register (NRC), Modi said that it is necessary for those who have torn the Constitution to read the Constitution again and again. He alleged that the CAA is being opposed by those who stand with those who have ‘broken’ the country.

He accused the Congress of trying to make the judiciary a hanger by snatching the right of judicial review from the judiciary by keeping constitutional limits. An attempt was made to snatch the right to life from the people by imposing emergency in the country. He counted the anti-constitutional actions of the earlier Congress governments, saying that the governments of the opposition parties were toppled and the National Advisory Council was formed over the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s Office as a unconstitutional power mechanism. An attempt was made to run the government through remote control through this council.

Without naming former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Modi said that a leader insulted the constitution by tearing down the cabinet decision of his own party’s government in a press conference. Such people need to read the constitution.

Referring to the objectionable remarks made by Rahul Gandhi at an election meeting in Delhi last Wednesday, Modi said that he has been announced to be killed with a stick within six months. It is good that he has been given six months. During this period the runner will also get an opportunity and I will get the opportunity to prepare to bear the stick. Modi said, ‘I too have decided that in 6 months, I will increase the number of Surya Namaskars daily. So that in 6 months I can make my back strong enough to bear every pole. ‘

Referring to the decision to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Modi sharply criticized the provocative statements of three former chief ministers of the state, Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti. He said that after the removal of Article 370, these leaders were predicting bloodshed in Jammu and Kashmir and separation of the state from the Indian Union. The provocative statements of these leaders were rejected by the people of Jammu and Kashmir and supported the government’s decision. Modi said that by actually removing Article 370, the government fully implemented the Constitution in this state.

Opposition should stop intimidating and misleading people on CAA: PM

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that some other opposition parties including Congress are spreading confusion about Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Population Register (NPR) under vote bank politics and trivial political agenda and people are frightening. He urged the Opposition to give up its opportunistic approach and desist from violence and undemocratic acts under the guise of the Constitution.

Responding to the discussion on the President’s address in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, Modi said that those who call for minorities day and night keep silence about the plight of minorities in neighboring countries. Modi cited the statement made by Home Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri during Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s Prime Minister’s tenure: “It is our responsibility to give shelter in India to the victims of religious persecution in Pakistan.” The Prime Minister referred to the statements of Bhim Rao Ambedkar and socialist leader Ram Manohar Lohia in Parliament to protect the interests of Hindu, Sikh, Christian and Buddhist refugees. Pointing to members of the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party, Modi said that his government is implementing the views expressed by his ideal leaders.

Referring to the movements going on in the country against CAA, Modi said that Kerala Chief Minister P. Vijayan has clearly stated that there are radical elements behind such protest movement being run in the state. The Chief Minister has also announced to take strict action against such fundamentalist groups.

Modi asked the opposition, including the Left parties, that if the government of Kerala is troubled by the agitation being carried out by fundamentalist groups, then why is they remaining silent about similar agitations happening elsewhere. He urged the members of all parties to unite and work together to counter the confusion and misinformation being spread against the CAA in the country. He said that instead of intimidating people, there is a need to convey the right information to them.

He urged the opposition not to show political opportunism and dualism and to understand that they were following the wrong path. They should not commit the sin of misleading the people of the country for narrow political interests.

The Prime Minister advocated the process of updating the NPR, saying that the scheme was launched in the year 2010 which was repeated in 2015 as well. The process of updating this register is being started this year. It is unfortunate that some states have decided to stop the process, which is an anti-poor move.

He said that through NPR, the government gets data about the number of people moving from one state to another and settling there. Based on these figures, the benefits of various public welfare schemes run by the government reach them.

Describing the rationale of collecting mother language information in NPR, the Prime Minister said that primary education in the mother tongue is an important issue. For example, if the people of Odisha live in Gujarat, primary education in Odia language can be arranged there based on NPR data.

Referring to the change in the state after the removal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, Modi said that now the way for reservation of Dalits and hill people has been paved in this area. The married women outside the state have got the right to property. To control corruption, the formation of Anti-Corruption Bureau has become possible and the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act has come into force. All these steps have curbed terrorism and separatism.

After the Prime Minister’s address, Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad said that the Congress party is not against giving shelter in India to Hindu refugees coming from neighboring countries. He said in the context of Modi mentioning the statements of Lal Bahadur Shastri and other Congress leaders to protect the interests of such refugees, he was grateful to the Prime Minister that he accepted this secular form of the Congress.

Congress members walked out of the House before voting on the vote of thanks and the House passed the motion by voice.

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