Vision of New India in President’s address: Prime Minister Modi

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New Delhi, 06 February: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the Lok Sabha that the President has presented the vision of New India in his address.

Responding to the discussion on the motion of thanks on the President’s address on Thursday, the Prime Minister said that the leaders of all the parties took part in the discussion and kept their point.Members also raised questions about what the government had to do so quickly, referring to some decisions of the Center. He recited the poet Sarveshwar Dayal’s poem, लीक पर वे चलें जिनके चरण दुर्बल और हारे हैं, हमें तो जो हमारी यात्रा पर बनें ऐसे अनिर्मित पथ ही प्यारे हैं। .’

Modi said that today not only the government but also the concern has changed. If this government too would have run like the previous governments, perhaps even after 70 years, Article-370 would not have been removed from this country, Muslim sisters would have to face the triple talaq, there was no hanging of punishment in minor sexual exploitation case and Ram Janmabhoomi disputes. Lived in Not only this, the Kartarpur Corridor does not form nor will the India-Bangladesh border dispute ended.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that for the first time in Jammu and Kashmir  separatist leaders of J&K stopped the cross-border funding after the abrogation of Article-370 & 35A and police and security forces took strigent action against terrorism and terrorists trying trespassing. He said that for the first time, fair local body elections could be held there.

The Prime Minister said that no one can deny that the country has been trying every moment to take on challenges.

 He lashed out at the previous governments of opposition parties and said that sometimes the country has also seen the habits of not looking at the challenges, not the ability to choose the challenges, but has also seen such people. But what the world expect from India today, if we do not accept the challenges, if we do not show courage and if we do not show the skill of taking everyone together, then we would have to face problems for a long time. That is why the expectations of the world have increased from us.

Modi said that the speed at which the current government has worked, the result is that the people of the country saw it and after seeing it, gave us an opportunity to serve again to move at the same speed. He said that it is due to the fast pace of the central government that the bank accounts of 37 crore people were opened so soon. If the government did not work fast, there would have been no toilets in the homes of 11 crore people. Gas stove does not reach the house of 13 crore poor people and 2 crore new houses are not built for the poor. He said that due to the fast pace of his government, the work of regularizing 1,700 colonies of Delhi, which was stuck for a long time, could be completed.

Referring to the development works done in the northeastern states, the Prime Minister said that the Delhi which seemed to be distant to the people of the Northereastern states in the last five years, today Delhi has stood at their doorstep. While the work in the field of Power, rail, airport, mobile connectivity have been carried out for the welfare of the people of Northeast.

 Referring to the Bodo agreement, PM stated that whatever happened earlier was done by weighing the scales of politics, whatever was done half-heartedly. At first the agreement was reached, the photo was also printed, but the agreement on paper did not help the people of Bodo tribe. This time the Bodo agreement has come together with all the Hattari groups. He said that it has been clearly written in the agreement that now there is no demand for Bodo. He said that a new dawn has also come in the Northeast, a new dawn has also arrived, new light has also arrived.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while replying to the discussion on the President’s address to the Rajya Sabha said that in just 18 months, the elderly and women could be linked with the pension scheme. “The development plans have gained new momentum in the state and the lives of the people have changed. A ray of new faith and new hope has blossomed for the millions of families there,” Modi pointed out.

The Prime Minister said that before the coming of his government, the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture was Rs 27 thousand crore, now we have increased it nearly five times to about Rs 1.5 lakh crore. He said that the subject of MSP was stuck for a long time, it was our responsibility to the farmers that we fulfilled it. Over 99 lakh projects, hanging over the years, were completed by spending more than Rs 1 lakh crore and now farmers are getting their benefits. Along with this, PM crop insurance scheme has infused a confidence in the farmers. Under this scheme, a premium of about 13 thousand crores came from the farmers.

But for the loss caused to the farmers due to natural disaster, about 56 thousand crores were received by the farmers from their insurance scheme. He said that the income of the farmers should be increased, the cost rate should be reduced, this is our priority.

Modi said that the first 7 lakh tonnes of pulses and oilseeds were procured in our country. Whereas during our tenure, 100 lakh tons of pulses and oilseeds were procured.

He said that we have constantly tried to find solutions to the problems and as a result of this the economy has remained a fiscal deficit, inflation has been controlled and macroeconomic stability has also been maintained. Our vision is to create more and more investment, better infrastructure, increased value addition and creation of more employment opportunities.

Modi said that in order to speed up the economy, we have also taken many important decisions. GST revenue has been more than Rs 1 lakh crore 6 times between January 2019 and January 2020. Foreign direct investment was $ 22 billion in April-September 2018. Today it has crossed 26 billion dollars in the same period. Schemes like Mudra Yojana, Make in India have given immense strength to the self-employment in the country. For the first time in the country, crores of people have started earning their livelihood from the Mudra scheme and have started giving employment to others.