So far 636 people have died due to coronavirus in China, 31 thousand infected, says China’s National Health Commission

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China’s online news portal has claimed that 24, 589 people have died in China due to corona virus.

Three cases of coronavirus have been reported in India till date.

No symptoms of CoV have been traced in 647 Indians brought back to India from Wuhan, 10 Indians still stranded in China due to not passing health checkup.

Beijing / New Delhi, 07 February: Coronavirus which has taken the form of epidemic in China has so far killed 636 people. Also 31, 161 people are under its control. China’s National Health Commission gave this information here on Friday.

A spokesman for the commission said 73 more people died on Thursday in Hubei province and its provincial capital Wuhan, the worst affected by the corona virus. One person each died in Jilin, Henan, Guangdong and Hainan Province. The investigation found 3,143 more people surrounded by its infection. The total number of corona virus cases has increased to 31,161.

Chinese officials said that until Thursday, 19 foreign nationals living in the country were confirmed to be infected by the Corona virus.

On the other hand, India has strictly prohibited the implementation of visas issued before February 5 to Chinese nationals coming to India from any corner of the world, taking strict action against the corona virus. This includes regular (sticker) and e-visa. However, Chinese passport holders from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are exempted.

Meanwhile, China’s online news portal has claimed that 24, 589 people have died in China due to corona virus. The portal has released this report citing Chinese company Tencent.

Meanwhile, there have been a total of 22 cases in Hong Kong, including the death of a person. Apart from this, 45 in Japan, 28 in Singapore, 25 in Thailand, 23 in South Korea, 14–14 in Australia – Malaysia, 13–13 in Germany – Taiwan, 12 in the US, 10 in Vietnam, 6 in France, UAE. Corona virus infection has been found in 5 patients, 4 in Canada and three each in India, UK, Philippines, two each in Russia and Italy. Belgium, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Spain, Cambodia and Finland have reported one case each.

India’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said on Thursday that 647 Indians have been evacuated from Hubei province of China affected by the corona virus. 10 Indians could not come due to not passing health checkup. We are in contact with China and are considering all possible measures for the safe return of these citizens. Referring to the old advisory, he said, Indians are advised to avoid traveling to China. He said, no symptoms of the disease have been found among Indians brought from Wuhan and surrounding areas.

At the same time, on the viral video of a Pakistani student stranded in China seeking help, Kumar said, no such request has been received from the Pakistani government. If such a situation occurs, we can consider it keeping in mind the available resources. It is noteworthy that India has evacuated seven citizens of Maldives from China.

On the other hand, the first warner, Li Wenliang  about the corona virus outbreak in China is admitted to hospital. His condition is said to be critical.

Earlier, the Chinese media had informed that he had died. Wuhan Central Hospital has written on its official Weibo account that Li Wenliang is seriously ill.