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One lakh children corona infected in last two weeks

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Los Angeles, August 09: In the last two weeks in the US, nearly one lakh children have been found coronavirus infected, while there were reports of 25 children succumbed to corona infection in the month of July.

As more schools are being opened in the US, there is a fear arising in the minds of parents. They are unwilling to send their children to school.

Disgusted by this news, the matter of concern emerged across thirteen thousand schools how to protect children from this unknown corona infection before school being opened. Various district school superintendents were consulted for this. Some of these district superintendents had emphasized that the buses should be disinfected before bringing the children to school. For this, the same chemical should be used in hospitals. Despite this, it is being said that parents of about one-third of school children will not want to use school buses.

A new report by the American Academy of Pediatric Associations states that between the last two weeks (July 14 to 30) of July last, 97,000 school children have been tested positive. These results have recently come out from the door-to-door corona testing.

According to BS News, Vanderbilt University professor Dakar Tina Hertert said in a statement that the maximum amount of testing that children will be able to do, it will be able to know how much corona infection is spreading through them.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has said that for this innovative experiment, it is necessary to send testing kits to homes and get their corona tested. This will keep the school community safe.