National Flag as ‘dastarkhwan’: Six Muslims arrested in Assam for ‘dishonouring’ National Flag

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Bongaigaon, (Assam), 15 May: A Muslim family from Abhayapuri in Bongaigaon district found it expensive to make the National Flag a dastarkhwan (tablecloth) as six members, including two women have been detained by the police on charges of dishonouring the National Flag of India.

According to the information, a family, resident of Thengnamari of Abhayapuri in Bongaigaon district had uploaded the photo of eating together on the day of Eid by using National Flag as tablecloth or dining cover (Dastarkhwan), after which the photo went viral on various social media platforms.

However, as news of the incident reached to the police, they took the National Flag in its custody on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the police have detained Rafiqul Hasan (28), Rasidul Haque (30), Mohjebin (28), Zaheerul Islam (29), Hasan N. Rahman (29), Razia Parveen Sultana for questioning on the insult of the National Flag.

The police have detained everyone for questioning from the house at Thengnamari in Abhayapuri of a police officer named Rahim Ali working in Guwahati. Police is investigating the matter by registering an FIR in this regard.