Muslim’s largest graveyard runs out of space as Covid toll rises in Delhi

New Delhi, 20 October: The speed of coronavirus infection in Delhi has become uncontrollable. Every day the number of new cases is being reported, while the number of deaths is also on the rise.

Meanwhile, condition has become worst that there is a struggle for two yards of piece of land for burial.

“The bodies of 70 people can be buried in the largest cemetery The Jadid Qabristan Ahle Islam Cemetery at ITO, Delhi,” told Mohammed Shamim, supervisor of the largest cemetery.  

Mohammed Shamim, supervisor of the largest cemetery has confirmed this, while Qari Arif Kasami, responsible for Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind Youth Club, has said that there is enough space in the cemetery and there is no need to panic.

“The youth club is bringing the dead bodies from the hospital and burying them in the cemetery, whose bodies are refused by their family members or the family does not live in Delhi,” added Kasami.  

The club has so far managed to bury hundreds of such dead bodies at their own expenses.

Arrangements have been made in the Delhi Gate Cemetery to bury those who died from fatal virus in an area of ​​about 10 bighas.

Though this cemetery is spread over 45 acres, but due to the large number of stones, it cannot be used to build a graveyard. Therefore, if the chain of deaths due to corona continues in this way, it will be impossible to provide a grave for dead bodies.

According to the youth club, 20 days ago, no body from Covid death came for one week but for the last few days, three to five dead bodies are coming every day.

However, the government has been demanded to make JCB available for the excavation of the tombs so that space can be created for the burial.

There is a strict order of the Inzamiya Committee that no one should make the tomb cemented, but ignoring the order of the committee, many cemented tombstones are being built there. So far, 768 corona infected have been reported to be buried in this cemetery.

Bodies are also buried in the two-acre Muslim cemetery at Mangolpuri in Delhi, the one-acre Buland Masjid Muslim cemetery located at Shastri Park, and the two-and-a-half-acre Mulla Colony Muslim cemetery near Kondli, but the figure does not exist here.

As Delhi Gate is the largest cemetery, more bodies are brought here from the hospital for burial.

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