More drastic steps may have to be taken to flatten Covid curve, hints CM Yogi

Lucknow, 02 May: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday said in a virtual meeting with the traders of the state that more drastic steps may have to be taken to break the chain of coronavirus infection. For this, the cooperation of the entire people with the traders will be needed.

On the question of a drug dealer, he assured that in carrying and bringing the medicine, the police will not be a hindrance but a role of cooperation will be seen. If there is any problem of any kind, then the district administration, along with the helpline number, can also inform the Chief Minister’s office.

Chief Minister Yogi said that in the first wave of Corona, Uttar Pradesh had a maximum of 60 thousand active cases daily, which has now reached three lakhs in the second wave. To deal with this situation, the government will provide all possible help to the traders to make oxygen concentrators in the state.

At the same time, he said that no obstruction will be created by the police in the traffic related to essential services, nor will there be any harassment action, mandates have been issued. If there is any irregularity, information can be given to the district administration as well as the Chief Minister’s office, which will be taken immediate notice.

He called upon the traders to get maximum GST registration and avail benefit of the government’s merchant insurance scheme, under which 500 merchants have been given the benefit of insurance so far.

He said that the number of traders in the state was earlier 7 lakhs, which has now reached 16 lakhs.

He said that all the business have accepted the request of the State Government in the Corona period. It is said that it is not really a common virus but a pandemic. It is said that the second wave has pushed back all the figures. The infection is very acute, due to about 30 to 50 times more infections daily, today we have more than two lakh 90 thousand active cases at present, i.e. this figure has reached nearly three lakh eight thousand of us.

The Chief Minister said that when the first corona case came up inside the state on March 2, 2020, there was no facility of testing inside the state at that time, those traders of Agra had to send their samples out for testing, today our There is a considerable amount of testing facility.

He said that today, in the last 24 hours only two lakh, 92 thousand tests have been done in Uttar Pradesh. With the cooperation of the central government and various organizations, today the state government has been successful in providing adequate test facilities and as a result, today the test is getting the most in the state. The number of beds is being increased continuously; there has also been considerable success in the supply of oxygen.

He said that when our government came inside the state in March 2017, there were riots inside the state every day, criminals dominated, no one was feeling safe. Our government has succeeded in curbing crime and criminals to a great extent.

In this meeting, he was accompanied by Finance Minister Suresh Khanna, President of the Merchants Commission Ravikant Garg, Additional Chief Secretary Finance Sanjeev Mittal, Additional Chief Secretary Information Navneet Sehgal and many dignitaries and senior officers of GST department.

About 200 panellists and more than 5000 businessmen were present in this virtual meeting as representatives of major business organizations of the state.

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