Major diplomatic victory for India after 2-year legal battle

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New Delhi, 22 March: In a major breakthrough, International drug peddler Kishan Singh (39) has been brought to Delhi from United Kingdom (UK). The extradition court of London ordered the smuggler to be sent to India.

Kishan Singh made several arguments in the court to avoid extradition, which was rejected by the judge. In this way, the Indian Investigation Agency has got huge success in the legal battle that lasted for two years.

Kishan Singh, through his gang, used to smuggle drugs especially mephedrone (meow-meow) and Ampheta mines. Now the special cell team has taken him from UK to Delhi on Sunday. Due to strict Covid-19 norms, the accused as well as the entire police team had to undergo Covid-19 trials twice.

In the drugs smuggling case, the accused will be produced in the trial court where police custody of the accused will be sought. So that the strings attached to this drug syndicate can be detected.

Recently, it was reported that many Bollywood actors are involved in the consumption and business of these substances.

According to sources, Narcotics department had come to know about Bollywood’s drug connection during interrogation and investigation of Sushant Singh Rajput’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty.

An international drugs smuggler gang busted in the year 2017

DCP Sanjeev Yadav said on Monday that the Special Cell of Delhi Police had uncovered an international drugs smuggler gang in the year 2017. The special cell also arrested a player named Harpreet Singh, who won the silver medal in the Australian Commonwealth Youth Game 2004. Two other partners Amandeep and Harneesh were also arrested by the police.

A party drug named Meow-Meow was recovered from them of 25.852 kg. The price of these drugs was around Rs 50 crore in the international market. The drugs were to be sold at rave parties to be held in Mumbai and Delhi.

Name of kingpin Kishan Singh surfaced

However, when the police questioned the accused, the name of network leader Kishan Singh came up. The accused told that they work for Kishan Singh, a resident of Rajasthan.

The police came to know that Kishan Singh lives in London. Meanwhile, accused Harneesh had told the police that he had gone to London on a student visa to pursue his MBA where he met Kishan. Impressed by his life, he got involved in the drug business. Kishan also wanted to increase his drugs racket.

Meanwhile, the police wanted to arrest him after Kishan Singh’s name surfaced, but he was sitting in London. During the judicial process in Delhi, the district court declared the accused Kishan as a fugitive in June 2018. Also NBW (Non-Bailable Warrant) was issued. ]

The Special Cell also fought a legal battle in a London court to clamp down on legal charges against accused Kishan. Police introduced Strong Evidence in court.

In the end, the Special Cell was successful and the UK government approved the extradition of accused Kishan Singh. Now the team of ACP Sanjay Dutt and Inspector Anuj Kumar, led by DCP Special Cell PK Kushwaha, took the accused Sanjay from UK London to Delhi on Sunday.

Two big successes

This is the second major breakthrough for the police in bringing the accused from abroad to Delhi in a case. Earlier last year, Delhi Police had brought bookie Sanjeev Chawla from Crime Branch London to Delhi.