Lucknow administration seizes a factory making fake hand sanitizer, arrested two people

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Team of police and district administration raided a factory making harmful sanitizer at Nishatganj area in Lucknow on Tuesday

Lucknow, March 17: Black marketing of sanitizer has started due to the outbreak of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Police and district administration team together arrested two people by raiding a factory manufacturing fake sanitizer at Nishatganj area in Lucknow on Tuesday.

District Magistrate (DM) Abhishek Prakash said that one thousand bottles of 100 ml packing of sanitizer made from isopropyl alcohol were caught at Mahalaxmi Chemicals factory in Nishatganj area sans a drug manufacturing license.

The district administration has sealed the stock and a case under the Drugs and Cpsmetic Act has been filed against the firm’s proprietor Neeraj Kumar Khare at the Mahanagar police station.

However, this action has been carried out by a four member team including Assistant Commissioner of Drug Administration Arvind Gupta, Chief Drug Inspector Sitapur.