Lockdown – How good, how bad?

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Written by -Sanskriti Agarwal, Financial Analyst


Certainly, we are passing through the most challenging and historic phase of the century. Last somewhat similar phase was way back during the WW-II times. The multi-facet uncertainty due to ‘witch Corona’ (Yes, all offenses really meant!!) has resulted in many unprecedented things in everyone’s life-some good, some bad. So far India has managed the situation much better compared to its western counterparts, who generally assume the role of an evangelist and preach doctrines of hygiene and discipline. Many of them, including US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are facing the dilemma of trade-off between the lives of the people and sustaining the livelihood.

In India, it’s a fact that even after 70 years of independence, the quality teaching is concentrated in handful of cities only. In most of the colleges or universities, over 80-90% students are from other cities and/or provinces living in hostels or other accommodations, sometimes coming from far-off places, comparable to the distance between London and Moscow. Nevertheless, the students were expected to suddenly vacate the hostels in the midst of their exams without any real planning and haphazard packings of their luggage and belongings. Many of them realised much later that they forgot to take their books and laptops. Some recall that there laundry clothes were not returned by the washerman by the time, they left. But, surely there was no better option.

Anyways, one may wonder if this lockdown is good in some ways also?

This lockdown has provided a time to reunite and live with the family for so many weeks, which is something least expected in this e-era. In the fast-paced life we lead, youngsters rarely get time to bond with the elders in the family. Hence, the lockdown is surely a blessing in disguise. This is a time for some constructive reflection and to mend ideological and generational conflicts within the family. It is a time to appreciate and co-exist with alternate view-points and strike harmony!

Next, the ‘Pandora box of Mr Google’ provides ample opportunity to enhance the knowledge and refine the skills. There are so many free online courses which should be used for productive time-management.

Also, this is a great time for students to develop their personal and professional skills. One can pursue various hobbies like painting, singing, cooking, sketching, gardening or learn a new skill.

One must remember that we are living in times, where time is more scarce than money. One may hate lockdown now, but time flies and many of us will cherish these precious moments of lockdown for times to come!!

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