Lockdown 2.O Day 17: A letter to Union Government reveals actual number of positive cases in West Bengal

Kolkata, May 02: The number of coronavirus cases in West Bengal is 931, not 572. However, this information has been revealed from a letter of the state government.

In fact, in the Health Bulletin, the state government has reported the number of corona positive cases in the state as 572 till the evening of April 30.

On the same day, a letter to the Central Government has been written by the state Health Secretary Vivek Kumar, which states that the number of old patients of Covid-19 in Bengal is 931.

The transparency of the activities of the state government has come into question after this disparity in data has come to light.

Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar has alleged that the West Bengal government is covering the corona infection data and giving separate information to the state residents and the central government.

The governor has posted a tweet in which the health bulletin of the state government and the letters written to the central government have been shared.

It can be seen that in the Health Bulletin, the government claims that there are 572 Corona positive cases in West Bengal while in the letter written to the Central Government, this number is 931. In this regard, the Governor has advised Mamata Banerjee to be transparent.

Governor wrote in his two tweets- “The campaign to cover the data of Covid-19 infection should stop Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Share it transparently. The state government did not issue any health bulletin on 1 May. The bulletin on April 30 stated that there are 572 corona cases in the state. On the same day, the state wrote a letter to the central government stating that the number of corona patients in the state is 931. Why this difference in data? This is the result of not being reconciled”.

“Today, when people are going through the pandemic of Corona, this kind of asymmetry in the figures of the state government and the huge lack of coordination is a matter of worrying. The Mamata government should withdraw its statement comparing political parties to vultures and waiting for the dead body and also hold a meeting with everyone together,” Governor tweeted.

It is noteworthy that the West Bengal government has been facing allegations of hiding the Corona figures. Now after this new letter, it has become clear that the Mamta government has hidden an actual number of positive cases as per revealed through a letter.

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