Lockdown 2.O Day 14: Uttar Pradesh government to enact ‘Epidemic Law’ to protect frontline warriors

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath held a review meeting with the chairpersons of various committees formed in view of coronavirus pandemic at Lok Bhavan on Wednesday.

Lucknow, April 29: In the effective fight against global pandemic novel coronavirus disease, the Yogi government is going to take a big step to protect the people doing their duties with vigour on the frontline.

In this, not only health workers, but a strict law will be made for the safety of every corona warrior like policemen and sanitation workers. Spitting on Corona Warriors will also come under the purview of this law.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath held a review meeting at Lok Bhavan with the chairpersons of the committees formed in connection with Covid-19 on Wednesday.

According to sources in the government, it was discussed to enact stringent laws on indecency against health workers, all Para medical personnel, policemen, sanitation workers as well as any Corona warrior deployed by the government.

Severe punishment for fleeing quarantine, breaking lockdown orders and spreading disease

However, law to take shape in future will be Uttar Pradesh Epidemic Disease Control Ordinance (UPEDCO) 2020. In view of the Corona pandemic, there will be a provision for severe punishment for fleeing quarantine, breaking lockdown restrictions and spreading the disease.

Harsh punishment will be given for spitting, breaking isolation wards, indecency against doctors, sanitation workers, policemen and all Corona warriors.

Though, the Central Government has recently issued an ordinance amending the Academic Act 1897 for the protection of health workers.

Sentenced to seven years and a fine of up to five lakh rupees

Under this law that is being discussed in a review meeting by Chief Minister Yogi, any indecency with any Corona warrior will be punished with imprisonment up to seven years and a fine of up to five lakh rupees. The intention behind this law is to provide protection to every corona warrior, along with health workers and policemen.

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