Independence Day gift for 700 Tihar Jail inmates

New Delhi, August 14: On the 75th Independence Day, the sentence of about 700 prisoners from Tihar Jail will be remitted due to their good behaviour.

It is to be known that every Independence Day from the jail; some of the punishment of the prisoners who behave well is waived.

DG of Tihar Jail Sandeep Goel told that the prisoners serving a sentence of up to one year will be given 15 days; prisoners serving a sentence of one year to five years will get 20 days and prisoners sentenced to up to five years will get 25 days sentence waive off.

He told that after the arrival of these prisoners in the jail, their work is looked after their speaking and making good relations with the prisoners and even giving good education to other prisoners. Its record goes to the top officials. After this these prisoners are marked.

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