Gangster Sri Prakash Shukla who accepted Rs 6 crore ‘Supari’ to assassinate then UP CM Kalyan Singh

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Lucknow, August 22: Gangster Shriprakash Shukla, who ruled the world of crime in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Delhi from 1993 to 1998, was recognized when he accepted Rs 6 crore ‘Supari’ (contract) to assassinate the then Chief Minister Kalyan Singh.

On the instructions of Kalyan Singh, UP Special Terrorism Force (STF) was formed in the state and this gangster was killed in an encounter.

On September 21, 1997, Kalyan Singh became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for the second time and this was the period to establish its supremacy in the contracting and to commit organized crime by forming gangs for it. It was during this period that Gorakhpur gangster Shriprakash Shukla picked up the gun. By the year 1997, his name had started resonating not only in Uttar Pradesh, but in Bihar and Delhi.

In Uttar Pradesh, Sriprakash Shukla, who has come under the target of the police, used to commit crimes by changing his whereabouts and then hiding. He was also blessed with many white collar faces which used to help him hide. In the politics of the state, Kalyan Singh had emerged as a strong and tough Chief Minister. He had held several meetings regarding the eradication of crime.

Meanwhile, Shriprakash Shukla and his gang members had gunned down Bihar minister Brij Bihari in the afternoon of June in 1998. The spirits of the Sriprakash gang were high and a few days later the news of the taking contract to kill the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Kalyan Singh appeared in the newspapers.

The news of Kalyan Singh’s โ€˜supariโ€™ ( contarct to assassinate him) brought an uproar in the politics of Uttar Pradesh.

In a hurry, a STF was formed in Uttar Pradesh to deal with the Sriprakash Shukla gang. With the formation of the STF, the officers associated with it started chasing Sriprakash and in September 1998, the STF killed Sriprakash, who took the Chief Minister’s contract, in an encounter.