Friday prayers not allowed in historic Jamia Masjid in Srinagar, threatening posters seen on the walls

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Srinagar, November 22: Muslims were not allowed to offer prayers at the historic Jamia Masjid in Srinagar on Friday. During this time additional security forces have been deployed around the Jamia Mosque. So, People were seen offering prayers in their local mosques.

However, seeing that life in Kashmir Valley is returning back to almost normalcy, desperate terrorists have now started harassing shopkeepers through their assistants. Such sporadic terrorist incidents are being done only in South Kashmir. Meanwhile, threatening posters are also seen on the walls, in view of which the administration has made tight security arrangements and increased the patrolling of the security forces.

At present, peace remains in the Kashmir Valley on Friday. Fewer shops are open on Friday than before. The number of vehicles on the roads has also decreased. Attendance in government and private offices was also normal. Government and private schools are open but today the number of children present in the school was less.

Some makeshifts shopkeepers took out their goods for selling on the streets. There are apple markets and apples are being loaded in trucks and sent to other states. Landline phone service and post-paid mobile services in the Kashmir Valley are functioning smoothly, while mobile internet service has been shut down as a precaution throughout Jammu and Kashmir, which the administration has started efforts to restore conditionally.

Despite this, the deployment of additional security forces in all the sensitive areas of the valley has been maintained and the patrolling of the security forces has been increased.