‘Fedayeen’ jacket recovered from suspected IS militant Abu Yusuf

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Balrampur, August 23: UP Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has recovered explosive material as well as a jacket designed for suicide attack from the ancestral home of IS militant Abu Yusuf alias Mohammad Mustakim, arrested on Saturday in Delhi.

He had been collecting ammo and other explosive material for two years.

The terrorist’s wife Ayesha confessed that her husband had collected ammo and other materials home. He used to bring items little by little and keep them in empty boxes. She is not even aware that her husband took training from her mobile or someone else and for what they were doing all this. When I told him that he should not do such work, he told me that I should not stop for this work.

The wife said that she has four children, where do I go with these children, and then she said that all Allah is the owner. In this way we used to postpone our talks.

UP ATS searched home, recovered material

After his arrest in Delhi, the ATS and the police searched Yusuf’s house from where 3 explosive packets in a brown colored jacket and 4 explosive packets in a blue check jacket were safely removed from Abu Yusuf’s house. More than 3 kg of explosives have been found in the leather belt.

During this period, 3 cylindrical metal boxes, wooden cards for target practice, and IS flag, more than 30 ball bearings have been recovered.

Abu had gone Saudi Arabia

Yusuf’s wife Ayesha told that the police took ammo, shrapnel, belt jacket, battery and wire with them last night. Yusuf had been collecting this ammo for 2 years.

A search has also been conducted at the house of those who have contacted him. Some documents and mobiles of some people have been confiscated from here.

Wife Ayesha told that Mustakim was working as a POP in Mumbai a few years ago. He then also went to Dubai for six months on a tourist visa. In 2006, went to Saudi Arabia for four years.

Police have also found passports in the names of wife and children during the search.

Father said, he would have given information to the police if he had known

Mohammad Qafil Ahmed, the father of the arrested terrorist Mustakim, said that he had his own separate room and lived in it. We used to be engaged in our farming work, so it was never known that he was engaged in this work. We do not need such a boy. The daughter-in-law also did not say anything. If we knew anything, he would first inform the police himself.

The father also told that he had come out of the house after stating that there is an operation of the maternal uncle’s boy in Chandan Hospital, Lucknow, he has to go to see.

The father has appealed to the police to rectify and forgive him, citing his old age, daughter-in-law and his four children.

Teams of UP ATS camped in the village

Teams of ATS and Delhi Police are camping in Yusuf’s village involved in terrorist activities. Teams are raiding in various places to gather more evidence in the case. After a long interrogation of Abu Yusuf, the UP ATS has detained four suspects from Utraula late at night. During this, there is also talk of leaving three people.